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Ali opened her palace doors to allow her winged friend, Luna, inside. Luna was dressed in blue pajamas covered in yellow stars, which were gifted to her by a close friend named Constell.

Ali was wearing purple pajamas covered in rainbow unicorns. She smiled at her friend.

"Nice place," Luna complemented, making herself at home already. 

Ali nodded. "Worked pretty hard on it, but I'm glad it's finished and perfect now." she replied. "Come on, I'll take you to the bedroom, and then we can get wild."

Luna nodded and followed Ali down a few halls to a large bedroom in the palace. Luna looked around at the decor and bed. 

"Nice room..." Luna said. Ali smiled at her and nodded.

"Now, we should go get some quick dinner and do a few activities before bed." Ali said to her. Luna nodded and followed Ali to the kitchen for dinner. Ali had prepared some simple pasta, and they had a plate before cleaning up and heading back to Ali's room to chat and do things.

"Please tell me we aren't doing stuff like painting our nails and stuff like that," Luna said.

"We aren't," Ali promised and turned to her friend, who had made a blanket nest. Ali giggled and approached her as Luna flapped her wings at her and chirped.

Ali managed to pull Luna away to bring her to a television set up with a few video games. They hooked up Minecraft on the Xbox and played on a server together for a bit until they were griefed, and they left in rage. They then checked the clock and realized that they had been playing for three hours, and they decided to get to bed.

Ali fixed up Luna's blanket nest and fixed up her bed before looking at Luna.

"I don't have a couch or a guest room for you to stay in, so you're going to have to sleep on the floor." Ali said to her. 

Luna stared at her and tilted her head. "What if I told you that I forgot a sleeping bag and blankets?" she asked.

Ali stared at her. "Are you screwing with me." she said.

Luna shook her head. Ali stared at her before glancing at her bed. She didn't want her friend to sleep on the floor with no sleeping bag or any blankets.

Ali sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but we'll share my bed for the night." she decided.

Luna dove under the blankets, and Ali watched her before getting into bed next to her.

Luna popped her head out from under the covers and chirped before scooting over for room for Ali. 

Ali curled up in the blankets and found a comfortable position before attempting to sleep. She closed her eyes, and Luna tossed a bit, attempting to not make too much movement to bother her sleeping friend.

After a few minutes, Luna spoke up.

" awake?" she asked quietly.

Ali glanced back at her. "Yeah. I can't really sleep." she replied. 

"Why not?" Luna inquired.

Ali shrugged. "I don't know. Usually I can sleep well on sleepovers..." she said.

"Is it because I'm here?"

The alicorn hybrid shrugged again.

Luna went silent, then came up with an idea. 

She spread her wings and gently wrapped them around Ali, slowly pulling her close. Ali gasped at the gesture and glanced back at her friend.

Luna smiled at her. "I think this will help..." she said before closing her eyes.

Ali stared at her for a little while longer before turning over. She made herself comfortable in Luna's wings. 

Luna chirped to her and began to nuzzle her neck. Ali blushed and fluttered her wings slightly, signaling that she had been flustered.

Ali closed her eyes as Luna her close with her wings and nuzzled her every now and then. She eventually fell asleep, and Luna followed shortly after.
look at the winged nerks
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Luna and Ali are okay with this, right?
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They never really realised what was coming. :D
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I ship it?
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